{"status":"ok","vacancies":{"sales_manager":{"id":"41","position":"IT Sales Manager","skills":["At least 2 years of IT sales experience.","Knowledge and understanding of the market and the specific sales in IT.","Experience with Upwork, Freelancer, LinkedIn and Email marketing.","Fluent English (spoken and written).","General knowledge of business correspondence, ethics principles.","Result orientation and self-motivation."],"offer":["Friendly team and nice environment.","Interesting tasks.","Comfortable office.","Professional growth.","Flexible working hour.","Corporate events and meetings."],"vision":["Research and build relationships with new clients.","Email Marketing, bidding on Upwork, LinkedIn research.","Preparing commercial proposals, working on eliciting the best solution for the client.","Handling negotiations and closing the deals."],"description":"","public":true,"icon_view":"careerItemHead-manager","positionSlogan":"We\u2019re looking for a person, who will join our Sales Department and will work with warm leads."},"unity":{"id":"46","position":"Middle Unity3D Developer","skills":["Strong knowledge of C#.","Strong knowledge of Unity Editor features.","Deep cross-platform development skills, especially Android, iOS.","Good understanding of 3D rendering pipeline and shaders.","Strong knowledge of Unity UI system.","Strong knowledge of OOP, programming patterns.","Version control systems experience (Git, Bitbucket, GitLab).","Social networks and Unity IAP implementation."],"offer":["Very modern and relaxed studio atmosphere with cutting-edge technologies.","A chance to work in an international environment in a booming industry.","Attractive salary and benefit package.","Flexible working hours."],"vision":["Design, development and implementation of Unity3d games and VR applications.","Software architecture design and implementation.","Design, development and implementation of feature prototypes."],"description":"","public":false,"icon_view":"careerItemHead-developer","positionSlogan":"KnubiSoft is looking for talented and experienced Unity 3D Developer who is ready to join our team and motivated to work."},"project_manager":{"id":"49","position":"Project Manager","skills":["2+ years of working experience in project management or relevant experience in quality assurance\/ business analysis.","Knowledge of SCRUM, Waterfall and Kanban methodology.","Must be proficient with the use of Skype, Slack, Jira , Confluence, Trello, Google Docs, Dropbox, Word, Excel.","Level of English upper-intermediate.","Must be able to work independently to gather requirements and translate those into tasks.","Strong verbal, written, analytical and interpersonal skills.","Exceptional organizational and work control skills.","Must demonstrate hardworking and disciplined character, exceptional customer service skills, ability to accept constructive criticism, ability to build team motivation and to build consensus.","Participates in the pre-sales activities.","Must have an experience in e-commerce, mobile apps development and follow global IT trends.","Anticipates clients\u2019 needs and proposes alternative technical solutions."],"offer":["Very modern and relaxed studio atmosphere with cutting-edge technologies.","A chance to work in an international environment in a booming industry.","Attractive salary and benefit package.","Flexible working hours."],"vision":["We\u2019re looking for an experienced Strong Middle Project Manager to join our professional team."],"description":"","public":true,"icon_view":"careerItemHead-manager","positionSlogan":""}},"blogs":[{"id":"46","title":"Welcome to the KnubiSoft blog!","titleGoogle":"Welcome to the First Blog Post! | KnubiSoft Software Development Company","alt":{"titleImg":"First blog post on a newly redesigned KnubiSoft website"},"meta":["What can you find in our corporate IT blog? The latest news from IT sphere, more info about KnubiSoft Team and Services, tips about tools and methods used in Software Development Process. Take a moment to explore knubisoft.com!"],"category":{"id":"16","value":"IT News"},"public":true,"publicDate":"June 16, 2017","description":"

Thank you for visiting the newly designed Knubisoft website!<\/p>


We are happy to have all of our valued clients and visitors on our new site and can’t wait to offer you exciting, informative content in our blog posts. We will provide insights on a wide range of topics, including software development processes, website and app creation, emerging technology and more!<\/p>

For those who may be new to Knubisoft, allow us to introduce ourselves.<\/p>


Who are we?<\/h2>

KnubiSoft is a Software Development Company based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Since 2012, we have been helping companies all over the world to create useful IT products, development powerful software and crease websites and mobile apps. Always evolving and utilizing the newest technologies, our products help to make business processes more effective, efficient and profitable.<\/p>


Why are we blogging?<\/h2>

These 4 years provided us with invaluable experience on how to convert ideas into real tools. Obviously, we share this knowledge with clients while working on every project, however, we want to do more! We are dedicated to informing clients about important aspects of the development process that will help them when they are developing new products.<\/p>

Our blog will offer information on methods, problems, and results that foreshadow important parts of Software Development process.<\/p>

Also, all of the latest news about KnubiSoft can be found in our Blog area. Hence, the blog is one more channel to reflect our innovative business approach and way of thinking about software development.<\/p>

So…. Take a moment to explore our new website, learn more about our services, and be sure to check back regularly to discover engaging blog posts about a wide range of software development topics!<\/p>

Interested in getting in touch with us to speak about how our software development services can help grow your business? <\/strong>Simply email us at sales@knubisoft.com<\/a> and we will be glad to listen to your needs and create a customized strategy just for you<\/p>","titleDescription":"Here is the first blog post on a newly redesigned KnubiSoft website!\nWe are happy to greet our respectable clients and devoted followers as well as new visitors on knubisoft.com.\nHere is the first blog post on a newly redesigned","url":"hello-and-welcome","views":"233","author":"Andrew","img":"\/files\/blogs\/Hello-and-Welcome-from-KnubiSoft_1484304895.jpg"},{"id":"56","title":"Why you need custom B2B apps for your business in 2017","titleGoogle":"Custom B2B app for iOS and Android is a \u201cmust\u201d for both small businesses and enterprises. Mobile apps boost the corporate productivity; they help to improve brand recognition and visibility since they remain on the face of a phone.","alt":{"titleImg":"Customized B2B apps for business"},"meta":["Custom B2B app for iOS and Android is a \u201cmust\u201d for both small businesses and enterprises. Mobile apps boost the corporate productivity; they help to improve brand recognition and visibility since they remain on the face of a phone"],"category":{"id":"21","value":"KnubiSoft Services"},"public":true,"publicDate":"August 21, 2017","description":"

In today’s world where nearly 70% of online browsing is done on a mobile device, building a mobile app appears a necessity for both small businesses and big brands. <\/strong>It is no longer enough to have a website as having a native app on somebody’s smartphone or tablet offers constant visibility and convenient access to your services.<\/p>

Mobile apps increase engagement with customers through a customized and easy to access platform. It also provides a speedy response, making customer interaction easy and fast. Companies that have created custom mobile apps see an incredible rise in repeat customers and client satisfaction. Apps are also an avenue to improve recognition and brand awareness since they remain on the display of a phone that is used constantly throughout the day.<\/p>

Building a quality app that will engage users requires the highest level of professionalism. You need integration with various operating systems, a fully functional app and one that provides an excellent user experience. The primary concern for most businesses is the price of creating an app, however, the quality of the final products should always be the top priority.<\/p>

 It should be understood that an app is designed to meet specific needs and that the features incorporated into a custom B2B app are highly personalized. As such, you should work closely with the development team to ensure it includes the features you need. Apps can be upgraded, allowing you to begin with limited features before graduating into a complex app. You do not require special infrastructure or servers to get an app rolling and can usually have a high-quality app completed in several weeks.<\/p>


Custom B2B App for IOS<\/h2>

With Apple products being used for both individuals and businesses around the world, creating a custom iOS app can be beneficial to businesses in a variety of industries. The rise of the iPad as a business tool in everything from real estate to the medical field means that can iOS app can add diversity to your client base and reach B2B partners across different sectors.<\/p>

Custom B2B apps for iOS platform are designed to enable businesses to directly distribute their apps to partners, clients and associates. It bypasses the traditional enterprise App Store and public or consumer app store, the only two avenues through which developers could previously distribute their apps. <\/p>


So, What Are The Advantages Of Having Custom B2B Application?<\/strong><\/h3>

Why should any business spend the money and time to have a customized application developed? <\/strong>The answer lies in the advantages of having one.<\/p>

  1. <\/li>
  2. 1) ) Through a customized app, the business will deliver services and interactions quickly and efficiently through streamlined mobile processes.<\/li>

  3. <\/li>
  4. 2) The iOS and Android platforms are globally recognized for their quality and a customized app for both increased your global clientbase immensely.<\/li>

  5. <\/li>
  6. 3) The apps can be upgraded and downgraded easily without losing data or affecting your operations.<\/li>

  7. <\/li>
  8. 4) You increase your brand visibility by always being natively installed on smartphones and tablets that are being used hundreds of times per day.ations.<\/li>

  9. <\/li><\/ol>

    How to Order Custom Mobile Application?<\/h2>

    Since 2012, KnubiSoft worked with a wide variety of companies across all industries to provide powerful and user-friendly mobile applications to engage their clients. Our development team works closely with businesses to ensure that their apps include all the features they require and our affordable pricing model means that every business can have their own customized app.<\/p>

    Our mobile app solutions are innovative, ensuring that they meet the challenges of today and beyond. This is why the company values the imagination and creativity of its team and our developers always ensure that balance is achieved. Our premise is the idea to make your app efficient, yet at the same time appealing to the end user.<\/p>

    Most important, we know how to listen to our clients to deliver a finished app that is exactly what they desire<\/strong>. While we know how to develop apps, we also understand your business processes and we always deliver the exact product and functionality a client envisioned. We are dedicated to meeting discussed timeframes and produce responsive products after using the latest methodologies in IT. With our commitment, you will receive an app that remains useful and can be upgraded for years.<\/p>


    Get Started on Your iOS and Android Apps Today<\/strong><\/h3>

    We are always ready and excited to work with new businesses on creating amazing mobile apps that will help them grow their business! Simply fill out our form that explains your business model and the tools you need in an app and our expert team will review and create a custom strategy just for you.<\/p>

    You can also call or email our professional team directly and we will respond at the first opportunity we have. We are dedicated to providing top class customer service on all of our projects and we always ensure client satisfaction in all of our product deliveries.<\/p>


    Contact KnubiSoft Development Team Now<\/a><\/p>","titleDescription":"Having a mobile app appears a necessity for both small businesses and big brands. It is no longer enough to have a website. Most people have moved internet access to the palms of their hands through mobile devices.","url":"custom-b2b-apps","views":"230","author":null,"img":"\/files\/blogs\/custom-b2b-app_1484147523.jpg"},{"id":"57","title":"Agile & Waterfall Software Development Methodologies","titleGoogle":"Agile & Waterfall Software Development Methodologies","alt":{"titleImg":"The differences between Agile and Waterfall methodologies"},"meta":["Agile & Waterfall are the most popular software development methodologies. So, what is better for your project? Let us reveal pluses and negative points of them both."],"category":{"id":"22","value":"More about Software Development"},"public":true,"publicDate":"June 16, 2017","description":"

    Today, there is an ever-growing list of development methodologies that are used to develop software. Two of the most utilized methods by software developers are the Agile and Waterfall.<\/strong><\/p>

    With the passage of time, the Waterfall software development methodology is losing its worth and slowly becoming obsolete. Many software companies are now turning to the Agile methodology because of its effectiveness and efficiency in developing quality products. The Waterfall has a sequential model, which most companies only use when they are clear about each step in the process, while the Agile development has a linear model. The companies who are not sure of each project requirement throughout the process use this methodology for its flexibility.<\/p>

    Below, we will review each of these two methodologies in detail to reveal the positives and negatives of using each for development.<\/p>


    Waterfall Software Development Methodology<\/h2>

    Waterfall is based on a sequential development model and is named so because the design steps have to be done in a waterfall-like style. It is a plan in which there are eight different stages which companies need to follow:<\/p>

    - Idea<\/p>

    - Introduction<\/p>

    - Analysis<\/p>

    - Design<\/p>

    - Development<\/p>

    - Testing<\/p>

    - Implementation<\/p>

    - Maintenance<\/p>

    The developers visit each step one-by-one and cannot move directly to any random one stage in the process. Once the first step is finished, the developer can only move to the second one and if there is a mistake in the previous step, then the developer cannot move backwards to fix it. If he does so, then the whole project will have to be scratched and the developer will then have to start over from the first step. There is no room for error at any stage in this model, putting lots of pressure on developers.<\/p>

    Due to this inability to move backwards or to skip ahead in the process, each step has to be clearly planned. <\/strong>It is far too much expensive to move to the previous step to make any sort of changes, which means that before any type of coding is started, all the required information is gathered and the design process is done.<\/p>

    This model was inherited by the enterprise of software developers, but was not necessarily invented by any one person.<\/p>

    Waterfall Methodology Advantages<\/strong><\/h3>

    1. The client has all of the information about the cost, size and timeline of the project upfront. They and the development team also have the exact idea about the end result of program and work towards it from the beginning.<\/p>

    2. The waterfall method focuses on scrupulous record keeping, which helps in making the program better going forward in the future.<\/p>

    3. The well-built documentation of waterfall enables minimal project impact.<\/p>

    Disadvantages of the Waterfall Methodology<\/strong><\/h3>