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Unity 3D 2018.1, C#, Oculus Utilities for Unity, 3ds Max, Cinema 4d

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Dedicated Team, UX Consulting, QA & Testing, Technical Support

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VR Application providing to user possibility to test knowledge of investigation kit on items to be included.


The customer requested to create a total-immersion boeing cabin. The customer had only a description and test set.

Before the implementation of this solution, the pilots underwent tests in writing and trained on special expensive simulators identical to the real cabin.

The solution advantages are cheaper training and learning automation.


We developed VR application which allows to use Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Oculus Go touch controllers to interact with cabin switches and knobs to maintain basic groups of scenarios such as APU General, Brake Rider and SuperTag.

Each group of scenarios contains parts like walk-around, pre-power safety check, powering on, power shutdown etc. We have created application running on Web GL which is supported by phones and tables.


The simulator provides unique VR experience inside the cabin of Boeing 737 and gives the user an opportunity to use switches and turn knobs what allows users to go deep into immersion as a pilot. Taking into account multi-platform support user can learn elements of 737 Boeing cabin with the help of a wide range of devices.

The application provides savings to the training center by replacement of expensive equipment with VR headsets. Gives opportunity for large groups of students to get their first time experience.

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