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Everything you need to bring Christmas to your home can now be bought in the specialized online store All American Christmas Co. A huge range of Christmas accessories are published on the official site such as bulbs, fires, desk lamps, jewelry for the house facade and can be purchased quickly and easily through the online retail shop.


We were asked to build a custom website that displayed the Christmas spirit all year round to help boost sales even in the summer months.


We gave the owners a gift of their own, as we worked with them to build an incredible Christmas website that made any visitor feel like it was December. With a jolly interface that is easy to navigate to find the perfect products for their tree or home, a customer account portal and different accounts depending on the visitor, we offered everything AAC needed to boost sales. Our major payment system integration made purchasing fast and easy, while we added a feature to subscribe guests to a newsletter, keeping communication open throughout the year.

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A website that is enticing any time of the year, but also with the backend capacity to handle the Christmas rush around November and December. The customer accounts, subscription function, and payment integration helped All-American Christmas provide their clients with an optimal experience and boost their sales across the entire year.

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