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Compare Telco provides an extensive comparison resource for Canadians looking to maximize their dollar value vs. competitive offerings in the local marketplace for connectivity services for their home.

INDUSTRY:Retail & E-Commerce


The client contacted us looking for a custom-built solution that would allow their customers to easily search and compare different telecom services online. They needed something that included a wide variety of service plan information, yet organized in a manner that users with little technical experience could navigate.


We developed a custom platform including a modern UI/UX design that both looked great and was functionally sound. Our search engine and filtration system meant that users could select from a vast array of criteria to compare telecom providers on everything from price, usage amounts and more. Also, our automatic geolocation feature meant the website intuitively knew each client’s region and could provide them with unique telecom information for their area.


The end result was a top quality website that allows users from all across Canada to search and compare telecom providers based on a wide set of parameters. My gathering all the information in one easy-to-use website, visitors save time and effort by receiving a variety of important information without having to visit each provider’s website individually. 

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