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Get images, adjust damage repair prices, generate reports, send data

The client needed a web application with the functionality to get images, adjust damage repair prices, generate reports and send data to specified FTPs of Car Dealers and Auctions it works with.


Europe's no.1 vehicle remarketing company specializing in multi-channel auctions. Throughout Europe the client brings major vehicle buyers and sellers together and works with Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The client is making vehicle remarketing more profitable and successful for all their customers with physical auction sales, online sales as well as helping them with logistics and preparation.



The client needed to bring together all available data regarding the results of the vehicle inspections, including car make, model, colour, noted damages, photo images and generated reports, that would be provided for vehicle owners as well as potential buyers. The old application they were using performed slowly and had limited functionality, as such it was hard to extend and support.

Therefore, the client needed us to help them develop a modern and user-friendly solution that would meet their business needs, and be more maintainable and be easier to support.

Technical Stack


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The project was delivered using a Scrum methodology with bi-weekly sprints, where we worked with the client on requirements elicitation to define a maintained backlog of business needs.


One of the key principles we needed to look at was that as they work across so many countries that the architecture was scalable, which we could only do by understanding the whole business goal, and their specific needs.


We started the project using a pre-defined XPressBSS API that the client provided, however, we faced a challenge that based on their business needs it had a limitation on data processing requests. Therefore, working with the client we suggested an alternative approach, and defined a new XML structure that met their performance needs.


The product was developed successfully for the client, and was signed off after their rigorous User Acceptance Testing, and we are currently providing support for the solution, along with ongoing enhancements as their business changes.


The resulting solution allow for all the information to be brought together, allowing for the PDF and HTML formatted reports to be provided for internal and external purposes.


The web interface is a custom-built to allows its users to easily review all the required
information regarding the vehicle in one place, and ensure that it is correct before the car is sent to auction. The product is unique within the client’s infrastructure, so Customers can easily perform their day to day routine and ensure the faster processing of vehicles, and improve efficiency.

KnubiSoft envisioned our solution quickly, and found answers to our problems.

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