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Avid bicyclists know that choosing the right bike can be a long and difficult process. The Dodge City Cycles online store idea came as a way to offer a large range of high-quality and modern bicycles from known global manufacturers in an uncomplicated manner.

INDUSTRY:Retail & E-Commerce


The owners approached us to build them a website that allowed clients to find and customize high-quality bikes and accessories, in a simple to use website.


We created a custom website that offered a UI/UX design that is simplistic so that potential buyers can navigate through the wide variety of bikes and accessories quickly. Since they serve clients from across the world, our team added currency conversion for the top 4 used currencies in the store and multilingual customer support. Finally, we integrated the website with their Mailgun newsletter to inform clients of new promotions and products.


A website where the bicycle buying and customization process is significantly simplified, leading to a better buyer experience and increased sales. Also, the currency conversion and various languages of support helped Dodge City increase its consumer base to include customers from even more countries than it had before.

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