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Objective-C, MySQL, PHP, Rest API

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Dedicated Team, App Migration to Cloud, QA & Testing, Technical Support

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The client needed an integrated system to pay all bills in one place, the solution including essential services such as public facilities, entertainment, medical, commercial, communication and other sectors unified in one web and mobile resource with an opportunity of payment with a single card.



To reverse engineer an existing solution using the client’s front end system only. Based on our solid skills and expertise, we had to develop the most logical well-structured way of how the back end would work.


We reverse engineered an existing bill payment system considering all business requirements so the client could build their own version of the system but with a better UI/UX experience, and the capacity to expand to other payment systems. Within the WBS, we broke the system down into low level deliverables to precisely assess the work that was to be done as a whole solution.


Taking into account all client’s preferences, we developed a user-friendly, web and mobile operating solution with clean and delightful interface including all necessary services and capacity to use a single card for all payments. The client received a fully defined WBS to enable them to progress/implement a working solution for their needs.

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