Enterprise Coaching Solution

Tool for companies looking to coach their staff in a series of business areas

The client wanted to develop a tool for companies that are looking to coach their staff in a series of business areas. The end users needed to have an ability to search for coaches in a global network, add them to their company’s catalog, and then connect with the new coaches. The preparation and coaching process would take place outside of the solution but, with every step being tracked in the system, allowing for stakeholders to easily stay informed about the overall progress.

Hours total


Technical Stack

ASP.NET, MS CRM Dynamics, MS SQL, WAF Framework, jQuery, Amazon S3, Google Checkout

Services Involved

Dedicated Team, UX Consulting, QA & Testing, Technical Support

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A stealth-mode startup based in Silicon Valley which creates enterprise-coaching solutions that combine cloud-computing technologies with coaching best practices. Their company mission is to create products and services that help their customers efficiently manage coaching initiatives and gain the strategic insight necessary to realize the full benefits of coaching. It is based on belief that coaching done right is a practical, cost-effective, and high-value way to increase individual and organizational success.



The client needed to bring together all available data for companies that are looking to coach their staff in a series of business areas, as well as coaches in their respective disciplines from across the globe. The solution needed to maintain client confidentiality, as well as bring together the two parties sufficiently that they can work together, and maintain an audit log of the events so they can be monitored by management and stakeholders.

Therefore, the client needed us to help them develop a modern and user-friendly solution that would meet their business needs, and be maintainable and easy to use and support.


We developed a unique and secure solution, twice enhancing the collaboration speed.

The project was delivered using a Scrum methodology with bi-weekly sprints, where we worked with the client on requirements elicitation to define a maintained backlog of business needs.

One of the key principles we needed to look at was maintaining their clients and customer confidentiality alongside ensuring the solution was scalable, which we could only do by understanding the whole business goal, and their specific needs.

The product was developed successfully for the client, and was signed off after our rigorous testing and the clients User Acceptance Testing.


The web interface is custom-built to allows its users to easily use the system. The web application supports confidential collaboration around key coaching processes, and provides the clients customers an accessible system for their business needs.

The product is unique within the client’s infrastructure, and solves their important issue of confidentiality, alongside a clean User Interface that is useable by different people, and roles.

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