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WordPress CMS, Google App Engine

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Dedicated Team, Digital Transformation, QA & Testing, Technical Support

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The company delivers healthcare experience by investing in GP surgeries, care homes and retirement villages. Octopus work closely with the NHS, healthcare professionals, operators and developers to create inspired surroundings that transform local communities.


The main functionality for this website was three pages: Portfolio News and Team pages.

Portfolio Page
The main challenge was map that shows all locations from portfolio that works with Octopus Healthcare, and filter for this map if user want to see locations only for some special type.

Newsroom page
Main challenge was to show on a one page articles form different sections. News section comments section, news from LinkedIn And news from twitter. Also we need to show all information if needed and each of he separately.

Our team page
Octopus Healthcare has a dedicated team of over 50 people with experience across the UK and Ireland health and care sectors. So the main challenge was the fast way how to find contact information of needed specialist.


The product created on WordPress CMS with ACF plugin that let admin very simply add news, add or edit any content on a website without using any tags.


The website is running on Google App Engine that’s making it faster and secure for DDos attacks and sql injections.

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