Object-relationship graph

Building object-relationship graph from image

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PCA, K-means, DTW, Bayesian approach, Cart, VAE, SVM

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The core task in many image processing and computer vision applications is scene recognition, from search by image to self- driving cars. State-of-the-art machine learning algorithms solve such tasks, although, TensorFlow framework pensures easier and faster implementation of these algorithms.


To build a graph of objects and relationships from the pixels of a certain image. The task implies locating objects, recognizing them, finding and classifying relationships between the objects.


End-to-end learning is a state-of-the-art approach for image analysis and other machine learning tasks. Instead of stacking several models learned independently of each other, end-to-end learning provides a faster way to do all the optimizations by a single training run. The model was tested on the VisualGenome dataset and had several outputs: objects' positions, their classes, relationships between objects and types of relationships.


End-to-end model capable to build an object-relationship graph from the image pixel data without using any intermediate models.

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