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Technical Stack

Objective-C, Native IOS, MySQL, Adobe Creative Cloud

Services Involved

Dedicated Team, App Migration to Cloud, UX Consulting, Technical Support

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Parks SZAO application is a unique guide with a list of parks for users to choose from. Users can choose parks in which they are interested in and read information about them, look through the park’s events and choose the best one to visit.

INDUSTRY:Leisure & Travel


Parks SZAO’s team asked us to take their vision for a park-based app and make it a reality with a custom-built solution that could help users find parks in their area using GPS technology while reviewing and sharing information.


We worked with the Parks SZAO team to create a platform that took all the information they needed displaying and laid it out in an attractive and easy-to-navigate view. Next, we integrated a function for the app to run off the phone’s GPS, even in offline mode. We then added a powerful search feature that could find parks and hikes, even with a “best of” list to help users choose the top rated hike in each park. Finally, we provided users the chance to add photos, record their GPS track, share location information with friends and rate the parks/hikes to let others know how they enjoyed it.


An incredible, in-depth guide to all the parks that avid hikers and naturalists use to find where their next day can be spent. The sharing functions let the hikers share their experiences and knowledge about the trails, giving other hikers valuable information about each park. Also, the GPS emergency location identify offers an added safety measure for all those who may get lost during their travels.

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