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Google App Engine, HTTP, MySQL, Python, Redis, Rest API, Tornado

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Dedicated Team, UX Consulting, QA & Testing, Technical Support

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Scanner App is a service for converting images into a text representation (Optical Character Recognition - OCR). The user of the service downloads an image or a set of pictures on the server, after which text recognition, removal of unnecessary elements, a grouping of text in blocks/paragraphs and saving for further editing occurs. At the output of the service, a structured text is obtained, which was found in a certain zone/zones in the image.



The client requested to develop a tool to integrate Optical Character Recognition to convert images into texts with the possibility to remove irrelevant elements and division of texts into a ligical and structural blocks.


We conducted an analysis of the old project and discovered that the functional unit was faulty and there was a presence of a lot of redundant codes. Upon this diagnosis, we prepared a comprehensive list of recommended changes. Our software architects swung into work and changed key services without regression for other services, and made modifications to the database. They then added algorithms for digitizing images and made REST API for key services. Once all these were completed, the project went through manual and automated tests to verify functionality and efficiency.


The service elicited excitement and commendation from users who could get structured texts pictures without manually writing. Our client expressed satisfaction at the simplicity of the app for use, its neat interface and its functional efficiency in getting tasks done easily.

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