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Vienna top30 is a unique app that lets you plan tours yourself and walk independently of tourist groups while enjoying historical and cultural monuments without a time limit or paper travel guides.

INDUSTRY:Leisure & Travel


The inventors needed an electronic guide to help tourists enter into the spirit of past centuries and examine all the main landmarks of the glorious Austrian capital in much detail.


We built the custom application that synchronized all the amazing sights in Vienna with the phone’s GPS to direct visitors where to go, even in offline mode. Then, we gave users the chance to view advice on day excursions, trips and transfers during the visit to Vienna. Once they found the sights, our app provides them the opportunity to upload photos they took of the landmarks, so that other users may view and decide if they want to see that sight. Finally, we created the app for use in multiple languages, so visitors from across the world could enjoy it on their trip.


The finished product is a unique app that is adored by travellers visiting the city. Within one simple application, they can easily navigate the city and find all the landmarks are interested in. Plus, if they aren’t sure if they want to visit one, the user-added photos can give them insight into the experience. Everybody using the app is excited at how it saves them time and money on expensive walking group tours.

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