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Collecting key information from a client

Wealth is a web tool to help Financial Advisers work with their clients. The application collects certain key information from a client and then uses that information to show the client how he could help them manage their money better.

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Technical Stack

Python 3.5, Django(pip/venv), Docker, Jenkins, Slack, Git +, GitHub, SQLAlchemy, ReactJS, Rest API, Invisio, MySQL, Google App Engine

Services Involved

Dedicated Team, Consulting, Technical Support

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The client is one of Europe’s largest Venture Capital teams. Headquartered in London and New York, with Venture Partners in San Francisco, Singapore and China, they help entrepreneurs to scale globally. Their typical investments would be from £1m for Seed to around £4m for Series A, and in recent years it has ranged from £350k to £25m.



The UK market already has solutions related to the analysis of client’s funds, but their cost is high and they don’t have required level of quality. Our client came to us with the request to implement their own project, which will open up to their customers the opportunity to invest in their own IT projects.


We worked with the client to undertake requirements elicitation so we understood their specific needs and after this we progress the delivery of the solution to create the web resourse.

The first part of the project is a “fact find” is a series of questions about a client, from their name, age, income, savings, value of properties they own, and all sorts of other financial information.

When all this information is collected, it is used to create a “lifeline”, which is a chart of client wealth, plotted over his age, dependent on the choices he makes. This chart is created using the information he gives, and then modified by the Financial Adviser, depending on the advice he or she give to the client.

We also needed to restrict access to a series of customised fields from various 3 3d party systems, as this was a constraint defined by the client.

The product was developed successfully for the client, and was signed off 4 after our rigorous testing and the clients User Acceptance Testing.


The goal of the project is to transform financial planning by innovating the client experience to make planning more transparent and engaging as well as improve operational efficiency to enable customers to deliver a value-for-money proposition. The application collects certain key information from a client, and then uses that information to show the client how he could help them manage their money better.

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