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The client was currently using Google App Engine and needed to switch to WordPress Engine, to streamline their processes, provide faster more stable releases and maintainability.

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The client is one of Europe’s largest Venture Capital teams. Headquartered in London and New York, with Venture Partners in San Francisco, Singapore and China, they help entrepreneurs to scale globally. Their typical investments would be from £1m for Seed to around £4m for Series A, and in recent years it has ranged from £350k to £25m.



Due to the rapid amount their products have been growing it had become more important to sync data across different systems and actualize information as much as possible, and the client needed us to help them with a solution that could make this happen, for all of their existing websites.


For each of the existing eight systems in production, we analyzed the sites to understand the complexity of the work, as well as ways that the new solution could be made generic.

We worked with the client to agree an overall approach for the new sites, including generic structures promoting re-use and maintainability.

In addition to all the changes in the Front End, we ensured that all of the changes for the current Google Links in the Back End were updated to reflect the new system requirements.


The work that was done for the client provided them a new structure that they can easily maintain themselves going forward. In addition, as the solution was created using a generic functionality promoting “re-use”, it is standard across all the websites, and ensures that it is not only easier to maintain, but at the same time faster to implement new websites (as required).

The developer working on the project, also provided them a streamlined release process to ensure that roll outs between environments-maintained quality and minimized risks, which is replicable going forward.

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