Mobile Development

With over 7 years of experience, our mobile application development solutions make it easy to quickly build clickable prototypes and ready-to-deploy mobile apps for any device. Knubisoft dives into your business model, market challenges, and product positioning helping you create a product delivering unique value.

Android App Development

Android is the most prevalent and flexible platform with users showing a higher brand loyalty than iOS customers. Knubisoft provides Android application development according to your unique requirements aiming to grow your business and expand its horizons. Using the latest Android SDK tools, our development process helps deliver apps which meet the highest quality standards. With expertise in different industry segments such as fintech, leisure and travel, retail and e-learing, we guarantee high-quality services to establish your business identity.


IOS App Development

The number of people who own Apple devices is growing year over year, iOS mobile operating system is considered to be the most reputable platform to base your brand on, it is popular due to high-end user interface and impeccable function features.

Studying the latest app trends, our iOS developers strictly follow all quality guidelines. Empowered by our expertise, you will get a flawless app balancing customized features with creativity. We develop applications that enhance your business ROI. Our unique approach results in award-winning products that are used by thousands of users.

Our approach

Product design

We conduct business analysis to determine high-level features and functional requirements of the project, build prototypes ensuring that the app’s look and feel delivers a positive user experience.

Product development

We create comprehensible and simple user interface balancing between design and functionality, divide the development process into stages, plan each step and deliver implemented features via demos.

Product maintenace

After the product release, we provide service and support: handle updates and improvements, add new functional features enhancing performance, usability, and scalability.

Recent cases


Scanner App

Optimize getting the desired


Wealth Fact Find

Collecting key information from a client



Customizable engine for collecting random data

Check our expertises


Changing your perception towards activity through a paramount and innovative medium.

iconWeb development

Delivering user-friendly, visually appealing and able to convert visitors into new business.

iconCloud Solutions

Ensuring reliable storage of incorporated data for easy access from any spot and device at all times.

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