The automotive industry is going through a major period of disruption: companies which have spent decades perfecting the production of vehicles are now reinventing themselves as mobility services providers.

Education sector is rapidly embracing major technology advancement. The rewarding implantation of online learning, virtual online examinations and learning management software, e-classrooms, educational chatbots are all derived from the high potential of technological progress. Knubisoft has a vast expertise in education software development and can easily cope with issues arising in learning and educational management digital ends.

To build a solid retail brand and continuously retain buyers, you need to convert shopping into a seamless therapy resulting in successful purchases. The crucial factor of customer satisfaction and retention is phenomenal e-commerce customer service. Knubisoft help you to gain loyalty and drive revenue through smart and exceptional approach.

Today’s travel and leisure businesses are under pressure to deliver exceptional experiences at competitive prices. Our expertise in travel industry customer service, sales, supply chain management and back office administration will give you the lean operation you need to keep prices keen and protect your margins. Our understanding of customer expectations – and disciplined approach to exceeding them – will turn customers into fans who stay loyal to your brand and recommend it to their friends.

Knubisoft offers fintech solutions for classic banks, non-financial businesses and fintech startups introducing cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning. Since financial services industry undergoes rapid digital breakdown, you need a partner with a solid expertise to smartly determine your technical requirements. We will help you to compete the latest market requirements and ambitious innovative technologies.