Dedicated Team

If you need a high quality team in short terms, Knubisoft has more than 6 years of expertise in outstaffing services. We will carefully select, interview and test candidates based on your specifications, create comfortable working conditions for the remote team, handle motivation, retention and professional growth, ensure smooth integration and communication, handle social security issues and other formalities.

Strong recruiting and team management

Our research team monitors pool of candidates every day looking for the best talents out of almost 200 000 specialists available on Ukrainian market. It takes our recruiters from 1 to 3 weeks to close a vacancy. We have a sophisticated system of employees’ motivation and retention.

We develop a quality management plan based on your unique needs, define roles and responsibilities between you and your team, conduct independent reviews of the work to ensure maintenance of the quality standards.


Customer oriented exclusive approach

Our team is skilled to shrewdly select best candidates, to properly organize workflow, to qualitatively arrange communication. You specify requirements for candidates and take the final recruitment decision. The team is seamlessly integrated into all processes and best practices: communication, time and task tracking, version control, IDE tools. You get a dedicated team of loyal knowledge keepers who stay with you as long as you require.

They freed our hands, allowing us to do more creative things while they take care of the development.

Karyna Silina, Product Manager

Fintech Group

Our approach


Receive the team specifications, search candidates, conduct internal interviews.


Submit CVs to the client, arrange test tasks and interviews, make job offers.


Arrange workplaces, handle social security issues, integrate in your processes.

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iconDedicated Team

Providing dedicated teams of loyal knowledge keepers who stay with you as long as you require.


Competing the latest market requirements, creating innovative and profitable Fintech products.

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Enhancing performance and customer experience while you concentrate on your vital business goals.

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