Why digital agencies need a technical partnership

The word Partnership is one that is often thrown around across all business ecosphere, but when it comes to Digital Agencies, it’s not just a word but a lifeline, since the future of any great Digital Agency lies in their ability to be great partners to their clients. This also goes to say that great digital agencies must know how to recognize and attract great partners because armed with a bunch of stellar partners, a digital agency can achieve just about anything.

No doubt there are lots of digital and creative agencies out there who are good at what they do, but the great ones, the ones that have an edge are the companies that have found a way to transform their creative vision into technology.

We conducted a research and had come up with the top reasons why the best Digital Agencies Need Technical Partnerships.


The heart of a digital agency’s business lies in their ability for creative expression and winning businesses. With the right technical partner, digital agencies will have more success winning clients as they will have time to concentrate on creativity and more customer interaction, leaving all the technological development stuff to the technicians. As the saying goes, know your strengths, find someone to help you with the rest.


This one is pretty straightforward. It’s a lot cheaper and less-time consuming to hire a technical partner than having an in-house development team. Also, the tools and digital marketing platforms that technical partners design makes it easier to consolidate repetitive tasks, making them easier to replicate within one account and across similar accounts.


Agencies looking to expand rapidly need to be able to say yes to several new clients without having to worry about whether or not they have the resources to meets that advertiser’s needs. Having the right technology makes account creation and campaign setup quick and painless, and new client accounts will be up and running almost immediately.


The past decade has witnessed an unprecedented rise in the number of web/mobile based applications as well as a drastic change in the way people use the internet.

Recent studies have shown that that in 2016, US adults spent extra 80% of their time online using mobile apps rather than web browsers. The apparent shift in trend indicates that marketers need mobile apps to launch successful and profitable campaigns. Digital agencies must also be ready to develop applications for their clients at the same time. This is where the importance of a good technical partnership comes in as firms that are unable to provide this service are likely to lose clients and consequently, money.

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