Why you need custom B2B apps for your business

Oct 23, 2019

In today’s world where nearly 70% of online browsing is done on a mobile device, building a mobile app appears a necessity for both small businesses and big brands.

In today’s world where nearly 70% of online browsing is done on a mobile device, building a mobile app appears a necessity for both small businesses and big brands. It is no longer enough to have a website as having a native app on somebody’s smartphone or tablet offers constant visibility and convenient access to your services.

Mobile apps increase engagement with customers through a customized and easy to access platform. It also provides a speedy response, making customer interaction easy and fast. Companies that have created custom mobile apps see an incredible rise in repeat customers and client satisfaction. Apps are also an avenue to improve recognition and brand awareness since they remain on the display of a phone that is used constantly throughout the day.

Building a quality app that will engage users requires the highest level of professionalism. You need integration with various operating systems, a fully functional app and one that provides an excellent user experience. The primary concern for most businesses is the price of creating an app, however, the quality of the final products should always be the top priority.

 It should be understood that an app is designed to meet specific needs and that the features incorporated into a custom B2B app are highly personalized. As such, you should work closely with the development team to ensure it includes the features you need. Apps can be upgraded, allowing you to begin with limited features before graduating into a complex app. You do not require special infrastructure or servers to get an app rolling and can usually have a high-quality app completed in several weeks.

Custom B2B App for IOS

With Apple products being used for both individuals and businesses around the world, creating a custom iOS app can be beneficial to businesses in a variety of industries. The rise of the iPad as a business tool in everything from real estate to the medical field means that can iOS app can add diversity to your client base and reach B2B partners across different sectors.

Custom B2B apps for iOS platform are designed to enable businesses to directly distribute their apps to partners, clients and associates. It bypasses the traditional enterprise App Store and public or consumer app store, the only two avenues through which developers could previously distribute their apps. 

So, What are the Advantages of Having Custom B2B Application?

Why should any business spend the money and time to have a customized application developed? The answer lies in the advantages of having one.

  1. Through a customized app, the business will deliver services and interactions quickly and efficiently through streamlined mobile processes.
  2. The iOS and Android platforms are globally recognized for their quality and a customized app for both increased your global clientbase immensely.
  3. The apps can be upgraded and downgraded easily without losing data or affecting your operations.
  4. You increase your brand visibility by always being natively installed on smartphones and tablets that are being used hundreds of times per day.

How to Order Custom Mobile Application?

Since 2012, KnubiSoft worked with a wide variety of companies across all industries to provide powerful and user-friendly mobile applications to engage their clients. Our development team works closely with businesses to ensure that their apps include all the features they require and our affordable pricing model means that every business can have their own customized app.

Our mobile app solutions are innovative, ensuring that they meet the challenges of today and beyond. This is why the company values the imagination and creativity of its team and our developers always ensure that balance is achieved. Our premise is the idea to make your app efficient, yet at the same time appealing to the end user.

Most important, we know how to listen to our clients to deliver a finished app that is exactly what they desire. While we know how to develop apps, we also understand your business processes and we always deliver the exact product and functionality a client envisioned. We are dedicated to meeting discussed timeframes and produce responsive products after using the latest methodologies in IT. With our commitment, you will receive an app that remains useful and can be upgraded for years.

Get Started on Your iOS and Android Apps Today

We are always ready and excited to work with new businesses on creating amazing mobile apps that will help them grow their business! Simply fill out our form that explains your business model and the tools you need in an app and our expert team will review and create a custom strategy just for you.

You can also call or email our professional team directly and we will respond at the first opportunity we have. We are dedicated to providing top class customer service on all of our projects and we always ensure client satisfaction in all of our product deliveries.

Contact KnubiSoft development team now!

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