Developing an App could be costly, but there are some tips that we will suggest you follow if you want to reduce the cost of money spent to develop applications, be it mobile or web.  A low cost of production does not mean the quality of the application will be compromised. It all depends on your specifications and the agreements reached by your developer. We will discuss some tips below through which you can reduce the cost of application development.

Finding the right mobile app developer for your needs will take time and resources regardless of the team choice you make. But the cost of recruiting an internal development team – let alone paying salaries, office space, stocking Beer and handling attrition at initial stage – can be far higher and take longer than hiring an outside development company.

  1. 1. Sort for Expertise.

Endeavor to look for a company like ours that is experienced at what you are looking to develop.  When looking to develop an app, employ the services of a company that specializes in the development of that particular application such that they have a ready-made solution for your application, what it would only require is a few tweaks to meet your specification and then deployment. We develop custom software for the web, mobile, and embedded systems. Our expertise covers many domains with a specialty in Business Automation, E-Commerce, Travel, and E-learning.

  1. 2. Employ Open – Source Developer

Look for open – source end if possible. Your development team should be able to see the possibilities of using open source codes to develop the app. This also dramatically reduces the cost developing an application.

  1. 3. Use latest Technologies

Archaic methods and technologies will always lead to waste of your time and resources. To curb this effect, look for teams and company with the latest technologies in the field to help you develop your app. This will speed up the whole process and reduce what you might have spent if you make use of company with old technologies.

  1. 4. Always ask for Mock-ups

Mock-ups are a great help before the finished app. A mock-up is like a caricature of the original app, just that it is not the original app. When mock-ups are developed before the real app, it makes changes applied to be easy as all changes in the developmental stage are applied to the mockups and tested and after seeing it is ok, it is implemented in the original app. This helps reduce the cost and number of times changes are carried out on the original app. KnubiSoft practice the development of mock-ups before the original package, like these, makes our work more accessible and progress faster, once all changes have been effected.

  1. 5. Comprehensive Analysis of the requirements.

To reduce the cost of developing an app, there should be a focused, detailed business requirements set down before anything at all. This is required for the success of any project. A comprehensive analysis of whatever is needed to make the project a success should be made before the start of the project and all requirements met to avoid grasping at straws when the project starts and thereby wasting valuable money that should have been spent on something else and also the wasting time.

To reduce money spent on developing apps, the points mentioned above should be considered so as not to keep wasting limited resources when you can reduce your expenses on app development. KnubiSoft as an IT company understands this process, and we have all it takes to develop your app at minimum cost without compromising on the quality. Book a consultation with us today and let us put our resources to work on your app. 

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As one of the largest venture capitalist firms in Europe, Octopus Ventures is always seeking new ways to automate their business with the latest technologies. Octopus Ventures has worked with some of the most significant corporations in the world, and their client base of entrepreneurs stretches across multiple countries.

Working with such a large company always requires a certain level of expertise and accuracy in our approach, and when Octopus Ventures came to us, we knew that we needed to fully understand their problem so we could deliver the best business automation solution to them.


The Situation

Octopus Ventures came to us in need of a new web app that would allow them to verify the citizenship of their global investors. This requirement stems from the eminent effect of the latest version of Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) in January 2018.

The original version of MiFID was meant to revolutionize the financial markets in the EU to have the depth and dynamism of the U.S. While it succeeded in many regards, a more modern implementation, MiFID II, will provide investors with more protection along with more transparency among all asset classes.

Along with significant changes to the regulatory requirements of the EU financial markets, MiFID II also requires the disclosure of investors’ citizenship.

The Development Process

Our first step was to evaluate and collect all of the pertinent data from our client. With data in-hand, we worked for over a month to study it, and create a detailed development plan for the project. Our client was very particular about the function of the database and API, so we went through several weeks of back and forth testing to ensure that it was working as they had envisioned.

We uploaded several versions of the API to a test site for the client, and they uploaded many real examples of the data they would be tracking and monitoring.

Once we had the approval from Octopus Ventures, we could then get to work integrating the database into the UI. Our leading Python specialists worked with the front-end developer to design and integrate a smooth UI while the client added the API on demand.

Throughout this project, we utilized the latest in computer programing tools such as Google App Engine, Python, Rest API, and Tornado.

The End Result

We were able to produce a fully functional application, and Octopus Ventures was incredibly happy with the result. They provided us with data to show that they were having great success with the app, and it was verifying each investor’s citizenship as intended.

With the app, our client's processes of collecting and collating data were simplified, allowing them to focus on their more important goals in their organization. They are now able to accept, organize, and modify data all from within the web app which saves them time and money.


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The word Partnership is one that is often thrown around across all business ecosphere, but when it comes to Digital Agencies, it’s not just a word but a lifeline, since the future of any great Digital Agency lies in their ability to be great partners to their clients. This also goes to say that great digital agencies must know how to recognize and attract great partners because armed with a bunch of stellar partners, a digital agency can achieve just about anything.

No doubt there are lots of digital and creative agencies out there who are good at what they do, but the great ones, the ones that have an edge are the companies that have found a way to transform their creative vision into technology.

We conducted a research and had come up with the top reasons why the best Digital Agencies Need Technical Partnerships.


The heart of a digital agency’s business lies in their ability for creative expression and winning businesses. With the right technical partner, digital agencies will have more success winning clients as they will have time to concentrate on creativity and more customer interaction, leaving all the technological development stuff to the technicians. As the saying goes, know your strengths, find someone to help you with the rest.


This one is pretty straightforward. It’s a lot cheaper and less-time consuming to hire a technical partner than having an in-house development team. Also, the tools and digital marketing platforms that technical partners design makes it easier to consolidate repetitive tasks, making them easier to replicate within one account and across similar accounts.


Agencies looking to expand rapidly need to be able to say yes to several new clients without having to worry about whether or not they have the resources to meets that advertiser’s needs. Having the right technology makes account creation and campaign setup quick and painless, and new client accounts will be up and running almost immediately.


The past decade has witnessed an unprecedented rise in the number of web/mobile based applications as well as a drastic change in the way people use the internet.

Recent studies have shown that that in 2016, US adults spent extra 80% of their time online using mobile apps rather than web browsers. The apparent shift in trend indicates that marketers need mobile apps to launch successful and profitable campaigns. Digital agencies must also be ready to develop applications for their clients at the same time. This is where the importance of a good technical partnership comes in as firms that are unable to provide this service are likely to lose clients and consequently, money.

You don’t have to wait until it’s too late. KnubiSoft is ready to become a reliable technical partner and help your digital agency to reach new heights. It's time you invest in the technology that does what you need it to do, so you can have a chance to do what you love to do. It pays off in all aspects of your business, from sales to operations to customer service.

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We have put together the following article to be much beneficial to those who don't know what an "Embedded system" is, as well as to those, who get confused in between the term General purpose systems and Embedded Systems.

An embedded system is an exceptional electronic system in which the device is totally typified by the gadget it controls.

 An embedded system performs the pre-characterized functions, for the most part with particular prerequisites. Since the framework is devoted to a particular task, its designers can streamline it, lessening the size and cost of the item. Embedded systems are regularly mass-created, so the cost investment funds might be increased by a huge number of things.

A few generic examples of embedded systems you meet in your day-to-day life are: smartphones, fitness trackers, smart devices like iQiki, TV remote control, virtual AI assistants, streetlights, even a computer mouse you might be holding with your hand now.

Other examples of embedded systems are electronic thermometers and medical sensors, calculators, and gamepads. Handheld systems or PDAs are additionally viewed as embedded systems due to the way of their hardware configuration, despite the fact that they are more functional in programming terms. Much the same as common PCs, embedded systems have the basic segments namely the central processing unit, random access memory, read-only memory and clock frequency. Be that as it may, dissimilar to PCs for general purposes, a dedicated PC has lesser requests for hardware, for example, expansion of memory and storage room. Because of growing competition, numerous embedded system organizations are progressively wandering into the consumer electronics.

Advantages of Embedded systems

Small Size

Since an embedded system is designed for a particular application, the specially crafted framework will have just the important parts and thus will be smaller than a general system.

Reduced cost

The framework has lesser number of segments when contrasted with a general purpose system, so it slowly gets to be distinctly less expensive, in most of the times.


Little size means versatility. A considerable benefit of embedded systems which resulted in the emergence of a whole new type of wearable devices and IoT, is that they can keep running on battery and can be conveyed in a pocket. E.g, smartphones, smartwatch and so forth.

Real time response

Embedded systems are additionally called real-time systems, as they can reaction to the change in the external environment that requires a limit for execution. Subsequently, they are better for applications where the reaction to an outer occasion is vital. E.g: Deploying airbags inside an auto after the impact.

Embedded systems in 2017: novelties and trends

It would appear that 2017 is turning out to be a fascinating year in the installed innovation space—for an assortment of reasons. The extremely worldwide chip industry has been combining at a rate and with a mass not seen some time recently, with everything except rather a couple of organizations battling for productivity.

Will the chip business be disorderly, as well as the greater part of the related advances will encounter new and problematic advances? We will feature just five interesting issue regions now just to keep things reasonable and that is the reason our company is here all around arranged to give our clients the absolute best!

• The Internet of Things (IoT)

• Processor innovation

• Artificial Intelligence 

• Storage

• Virtual reality and augmented  reality

In our company KnubiSoft we have highly-qualified group of experts in embedded system technology, we will actualize the most ideal IT Solution for your objectives.

We will take your business higher than ever utilizing the latest hardware design technologies and programming, from the thought study and closure with testing and post-discharge specialized help. We make Web benefits that work flawlessly and without intrusion, helping customers deal with their business, non-standard mechanical issues, and give significantly more incentive to clients. We have outstanding expertise in taking care of complex issues and execution of pinpoint answers for suit of your business needs.

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As smartphones continue to become the largest medium for viewing and receiving information in the world today, mobile apps become increasingly important for businesses. While previously considered to be an additional luxury for a web-based company, apps are now becoming a necessity to engage users constantly and stay ahead of the competition.

One of the sectors that benefit the most from building mobile apps is e-commerce, as the apps allow them to consistently be right at the fingertips of customers when they are ready to make a purchase. Alibaba, one of the largest B2B commerce platforms in the world, saw an incredible 76% increase in total sales when it implemented its mobile application.

In addition to immediately increasing conversion ratios, there are a variety of reasons why e-commerce companies need to build custom mobile applications for today's mobile device driven technological landscape.

1. Apps are preferred by users over mobile browsing

            By offering users an application that is installed directly on their device, it removes the need for them to open a browser, find the website and then begin to navigate. A mobile app simply lets your customers open the app from their home screen and have all the information instantly in front of them, without a need to change programs.

78% of all smartphone users say they prefer to use a mobile app to receive their information than using a mobile browser, a number that continues to grow as apps become more intuitive.

2. Apps offer an optimal user experience

            Once a user has an app installed on their phone, pertinent information such as a username, password, and payment information is already stored. This is especially important for E-commerce businesses, as it makes it extremely efficient for them to place an order through the app.

            All they need to do is open the app, find the product they are looking for and submit the purchase. With a majority of abandoned purchases occurring at the payment stage on E-commerce websites, the natively stored payment information makes it simple for users to complete the purchase, increasing conversion rates.

3. Push notifications and constant contact

            Every e-commerce business knows how important it is to be able to connect with clients to share promotions, sales and any other information that will help entice buyers to make a purchase. Push notifications are messages that are sent through the app and are displayed directly on the phone's notification system itself, meaning the user will always see them.

            The perfect way to communicate a promotion or sale, the user simply taps the notification and can be taken directly to the purchase page on the app. Fast, effective and totally free marketing at its finest!

4.      Offline availability

            Once an application is downloaded to a mobile device, it will always be accessible even if the user does not have an internet connection. This provides a major advantage as it allows customers to view your products no matter where they are, increasing the opportunity for them to make purchases.

            Even if they are unable to finalize a purchase without a data or internet connection, allowing users to create wishlists or fill their cart with products sets them up for an easy purchase in the immediate future.

5. Brand visibility and building a connection

            Having a native app on the smartphone or tablet of a customer keeps you directly in front of them without having to spend any money on advertising. Every time users open their phone (an average of 2,617 per day according to a recent Dscout study) they potentially view your company's logo or app icon, creating a stronger bond with your brand.

            By always keeping your company connected to users, they will immediately think of using your business to make their next purchase, as well as being more likely to recommend your app or website to friends and family who are looking to make a relevant purchase.

Building Your E-commerce Custom App to Increase Conversions

            When you decide to create a mobile app for your business, it is imperative that you work with a professional and experienced development company that can offer you a wide range of functions that are necessary to maximize usability and sales.

            KnubiSoft has assembled an expert team of both Android and iOS mobile developers that have worked together with our clients to build powerful, attractive mobile apps that have captivated users and helped boost conversion rates.

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