About us

Our expert team delivers web services running smoothly, helping clients manage their business. We love non-standard challenging tasks and always strive to build pinpoint solutions for our customers’ goals.



KnubiSoft has been developing software since 2012, starting with a study of the idea to testing and post-release technical support. We were exclusively engaged in development of our own unique software products and their active promotion in our home country and abroad market for two years. Meanwhile, we accumulated experience and expanded technological expertise in software development field whereby the team has managed to create a new list of services to offer, moving the company to a higher level.


Our Mission

To show that the IT-sphere is a much larger and deeper than typical programming. IT is a community of intelligent people who bring innovation in the world, solve non-trivial task, automate routine and large-scale processes and optimize the usual scheme. IT is a wonderful new world of the future that is much more than one can imagine. In providing our services, we show clients the future and derive business of each customer to new heights of efficiency, productivity and optimization.

Our values

Our team is united not only by our desire to do our job qualitively, consistently and fast; we work together thanks to our mutual values.

Utmost attention

We strive to be participative and proactive in our work, we aim to be compassionate and care about the well-being of our customers.

Fairness and trust

We aim to be good at all that we are entrusted with, we strive to do what we are supposed to do when we are supposed to do.

Focus on result

We embrace any challenge as opportunity, always focuse on strategic priorities that will move our company forward.


We strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we do, aim to constantly improve and change.


Our goals

Our sustainability and corporate responsibility efforts focus on amplifying your capabilities: we do our best to improve our clients' business by implementing smart IT solutions delivering maximum efficiency for owners and their customers.

Check our services

iconBusiness Process Management

Enhancing performance and agility with our business process management strategies.

iconTechnology Consulting

Providing cutting-edge strategy, design thinking, innovative technologies and agility driving business value.

iconData Security

Ensuring a solid security management framework to handle your vital information.