Building a mobile application for Android and iOS that makes laundry services effortless.

Industry: IT solution
Duration: 576 Hours
Team: 7 members

Back End Development

Mobile Development

UI/UX Design


ReactNative, Python, Java, Cost Optimization Testing Tool from KnubiSoft, Jenkins, Hetzner, PostgreSQL

Team Composition

ReactNative Developer;

UX/UI Designer;

2 Java Developers;

2 QA Specialists;

DevOps Engineer;

Project Manager

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About the Client.

Frederico Fonseca CEO and co-founder of PYCK

PYCK is an environmentally friendly company that offers simple, reliable, and fast laundry service. It washes and folds clothes using environmentally friendly solutions to responsibly and positively influence the world.


We were requested to build automation of a cross-platform application from scratch. The order process of the app had to include scanning the QR code located on the branded bag. After finishing the washing services, the laundry staff should have had the possibility to indicate the time and place where the client can pick up the things. The option to evaluate the services after completing the order and getting an invoice by email was also on the list of requirements.


Mobile App

We created an application with simple and convenient functionality that is available for users in English and Portuguese languages.


A developed solution allowed clients to scan the QR code located on the branded bag and monitor every step of the order in the smartphone


We worked on backoffice for laundry personnel, where they could fully manage order statuses, add discounts, and change new cities, points, working hours, and service prices.


We provided a client with IT consulting services, built all user flows, prototype, and high-fidelity design.



We built micro services architecture of the solution to fully automate the business and made an estimation on time and budget, detailed technical specifications, and many more.


Then we worked on the integration with 3rd party apps: Stripe and MBWay for the payment processes & InvoiceXpress for the issue of invoices.

Cost Optimization Testing Tool

Finally, we implemented a unique Cost Optimization Testing Tool made by KnubiSoft team for backend testing.

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