Unifying traditional bank accounts with crypto holdings.

Industry: FinTech
Duration: 9 months
Team: 16 members

Back End Development

UX/UI Design

Project Management

Mobile Development

Quality Assurance


Swift, Java, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Docker, Redis, Kafka, AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, S3, JUnit, REST API.

Team Composition

Solution Architect;
Project Manager;
2 iOS Native Developers;

2 Manual QA Specialists;
Java Team Lead;
5 Java Developers;

3 Automation QA Specialists;
UX/UI Designer.

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About the Client.


Spot9 is a Berlin-based startup with a vision to create a new experience in the banking and crypto sectors. They strive to develop a mobile application that will merge customers' bank accounts with their crypto holdings in one place. In such a way, they will be able to effortlessly undertake all standard banking transactions as well as trade in their desired cryptocurrencies without leaving the app. Currently, the company is acquired by Kurant Bitcoin ATM & Service.


We needed to combine bank accounts and crypto holdings in one system to simplify financial management for customers.

The client wanted an application that would allow them to track all their transactions and include analytics tools for their further analysis.

The app had to allow users to register and complete KYC procedures, add multiple bank accounts, conduct standard banking transactions, and trade cryptocurrency.

It also needed to showcase the company’s capabilities and potential for growth to its investors. Management required an understanding of the projected cost involved in developing the mobile app. So, they needed a comprehensive list of deliverables, a Project Management Plan, and a detailed analysis of risks, issues, and constraints. These components were crucial to gaining investor approval.


Requirements Analysis & Team Formation

First, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the client’s requirements and business goals. Then we formed a team of experts who specialize in both traditional asset management and cryptocurrency to ensure we have the necessary skills to develop the solution.

Design Creation

Based on the analysis, we created a design for the app that combined traditional and cryptocurrency asset management. We started our work by creating a clickable prototype in Figma based on detailed input from the client. We also included analytics tools that provide detailed insights into the client’s transactions.

Development Process

We used modern technologies, various system integrations, and best practices to build a robust and scalable solution that meets the client’s needs. The front-end part was created using iOS Native with features like Registration, Login, Reset Password, Home Page for Retail Banking, Add Bank Account, Home Page for Crypto Currency, Crypto Portfolio, and Crypto Market data. To support the front-end functionality, our team built back-end using Java tailored to the specific needs of the Microservice integrations with multiple third-party service providers. For features integration with the back-end, we used Microservices endpoints for integrations and databases.

Testing & Quality Assurance

The last step was conducting rigorous testing and quality assurance to ensure that the solution is error-free, secure, and reliable.


Increased Efficiency & Convenience

By combining bank accounts and cryptocurrency holdings into one system, customers got easier time managing their finances. The app enabled users to conduct standard banking transactions and trade cryptocurrencies, which saved time and simplify the process of financial management.

Competitive Advantage

As cryptocurrency and blockchain technology adoption continue to grow, offering seamless integration of traditional banking and cryptocurrency management positioned the company as a pioneer and leader in the market. This attracted new customers, investors, and partners looking for innovative solutions.

Improved Investor Confidence

We prepared essential investor documents, including a list of deliverables, a Project Management Plan, and a comprehensive analysis of risks and issues. These documents played a crucial role in establishing trust with investors, gaining their support, and initiating the next round of investment.

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