Carrying out the proof of concept (PoC) to showcase the integration of a mobile app with service providers for banking and crypto solutions.

Industry: FinTech
Duration: 2400 hours
Team: 5 members

Back End Development

Mobile Development

Quality Assurance



Team Composition

Team Lead;

Tech Lead;

Solution Architect;

Project Manager;

2 Back-end Developers;

Manual QA Specialist;

Automation QA specialist

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About the Client.


Spot9 is a Berlin-based startup with a vision to create a new experience in the banking and crypto sectors. They strive to develop a mobile application that will merge customers' bank accounts with their crypto holdings in one place. In such a way, they will be able to effortlessly undertake all standard banking transactions as well as trade in their desired cryptocurrencies, without leaving the app.


The client’s main request was to undertake the PoC to demonstrate how customers would register within the system, conduct KYC procedures, and add their bank accounts and crypto holdings.

To reach agreement with investors and move forward to the delivery phase, company’s management needed to understand its estimated cost. Also, the client needed:

  • an MS Project Plan;
  • list of deliverables;
  • project management plan;
  • list of issues and constraints.


Product’s Enhancement

The client already had done a detailed UI Design Phase and Details, and had a clickable prototype in InVision. However, the solution needed to be enhanced based on additional stakeholder input, and was progressed into Figma, where we also created Zeplin Templates to be used by the iOS Front End.

Front-end Development

The Front End was built using iOS Native, and key features for the client. Registration, Login, Reset Password, Home Page (Retail Banking), Add Bank Account, Home Page (Crypto Currency), Crypto Portfolio, and Crypto Market data were built and integrated with the back end Micro, Services “End Points” for Integrations and Database.

Back-end Development

The Back End was built using a mixture of Go Lang and Java based on the individual needs of the Micro Service Integrations with the third-party Service Providers.



The PoC for the mobile app allowed the client and investors to visualize part of the end product and, therefore, understand how it would look and feel for their customers.


The project management documentation provided all the detailed information for the client. It included the cost, resource needs, timeline, risks, and an educated decision about proceeding into the delivery phase of the project. The client and its investors had got all the information to decide to proceed with the delivery of the project, using Knubisoft as a key point.

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