KYC & Property Check Services

Building two brand-new microservices for an authorized payment institution, enabling automated KYC checks of investors and borrowers as well as automated real-estate background checks.

Industry: Financial Services
Duration: 1080 hours
Team: 7 members

Back End Development

Quality Assurance


Python, MySQL, Tornado, RabbitMQ, Jenkins, Docker, Alembic, Cabana, Poetry, ReDoc

Team Composition

Tech/Team Lead;

3 Back-end Developers;

QA Specialist;


Project Manager

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About the Client.

LendInvest is a London-based financial services and fintech company that runs a sophisticated investment platform. It allows institutional and individual investors to conveniently invest in real estate in the UK and borrowers to obtain the loans to implement real estate projects.


The client’s business of investing in real estate and providing asset-backed loans for real-estate projects was powered by a cutting-edge digital platform. It allowed borrowers to receive fast financing and investors to easily invest, track, and manage their investments.


To increase the speed of the business’s operations and performance, and improve customer experience, the client needed to fully automate the procedures for background checking for both potential investors and borrowers, as well as the real-estate objects and land plots. Special attention had to be paid to the KYC regulations.



We developed two standalone microservices for the existing client’s platform — API KYC & API Property Check —  to automate background check of the investors & borrowers, the real estate & land.


Each of the services was designed to collect the inquiries for the corresponding background checks, submit them to the third-party solutions, perform particular checks, receive the results, and forward them back.


Back-end development

Besides having developed the full-featured microservices and its architecture, we created the MVPs of the microservices for the client to test how they operate.

Software testing

After the integration of microservices into the client’s digital ecosystem, we performed QA, software testing, and bugs fixing.

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