Creating the platform that enables the artists from across the globe to get access to support needed for developing their music, and the investors to easily find and finance the best pieces and artists.

Industry: IT & Music
Duration: Ongoing
Team: 16 members

Mobile Development

Back End Development

Front End Development

Quality Assurance

UX/Ui Design


For web-site and API devolopment: Django, Docker, AWS, Grafana, Kibana, Nginx, Jenkins, CSS, HTM, Twillo.

For mobile application development: React, REST, Firebase, Markup

For trading engine development: Docker, AWS, Grafana, Spring, Jenkins, Twillo, Nginx, REST, CSS, HTML, React, RabbitMQ, Spring Data JDBC, JMeter, ELK, API

Team Composition

Web-site and API team: DevOps, Markup Developer, Python Developer, Manual QA, Project Manager, UX/UI Designer

Mobile application team: 2 React Native Developers (Android/IOS), Manual QA, Project Manager, UX/UI Designer

Trading engine team: DevOps, 4 Java Developers, Markup Developer, Project Manager, UX/UI Designer


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About the Client.

Andrey Dakhovskyy Founder & COO

Djooky is the world’s first music investment and online trading platform that matches the best undiscovered music with untapped financial resources.


The client wanted to create a platform that would allow all the people with talent, creativity, and passion to make a difference in the world of music to enjoy equal opportunities. The aim was to get access to the best support available to create and promote their music.

On the other hand, the client wanted to create a tool for everyone, who is willing to invest into music (through purchasing a share in the copyrights), to get easy access to the best pieces and artist, as well as to trade in the shares in copyrights to the music.



Our team created a sophisticated platform consisting of a website and a mobile app allowing the artists to upload their music pieces to the platform, be heard all around the world, and become visible for the investors who may be interested in supporting the new projects.


The investors, in their turn, were able to track the rising stars through the website and the mobile app. They could monitor their performance and helped them to become successful via financing their projects or providing other support.


What is more, we developed a trading engine for the platform that enables it to function like an exchange with a max processing capacity up to 500 transactions per second. This allowed the investors to trade in their shares in the copyrights to the music which they supported through the platform.


Analysis & Requirements

Our team conducted business analysis to polish the initial project idea, clarify business requirements, and develop technical requirements.


The platform itself (website, the appl, and API) was developed by our specialists. After that, the trading engine was integrated with the platform.

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