Creating an enterprise-class cloud solution that aims to isolate the storage of sensitive data for US legal departments and lawyers.

Industry: Legal
Duration: 2080 hours
Team: 13 members

Back End Development

Mobile Development

UI/UX Design


AWS (deep integration with billing system), SQS, Cloudfront, REDIS, REST, Swagger, PostgreSQL, SQL, SpringJDBC templates, Automation testing, Grafana, Kibana, Flyway, Maven, Docker, VueJS, Jenkins

Team Composition


3 Java Developers;

Python Developer;

2 Frontend Developers (vue.js);

Markup Developer;

UX/UI Designer;

2 Manual QA & Аutomation QA Specialists;

2 DevOps

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About the Client.

Richard Grover Founder of PlanMyKids

PME is focused on collecting confidential information from mobile messengers such as Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, and others to help US legal departments and lawyers analyze cases related to harassment and insult.


The product was all about downloading cache data and an optimised search from the phone of the accused people to get information for the prosecution or defence. The task of the KnubiSoft team was to work from scratch on the system that would allow to collect and structure data from different messengers as well as index and be able to visualize this information.

Each case under examination by the lawyer had to be in an isolated database that was automatically managed by the system.


The client reached out to us mentioning that there were no analogs for this kind of data management and storage on the market. Our team had come up with a solution where the system kept and managed the information automatically, having multi-role and multi-tenant architecture.



Our team conducted business analysis to clarify business requirements and develop technical requirements.

Solid Architecture

Once we identified and visualize the information required for the system, we built multi-tenant architecture and multi-role system for the solution.

Software testing

After that, in-depth regression testing and bugs fixing were performed.

Software testing

We run thorough software testing and implemented custom End2End frameworks that helped to cover functional and regression issues deeply.

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