Developing web-based platform designed to guide and empower those looking to understand stock investments.

Industry: EdTech
Duration: Ongoing
Team: 5 members

Back-End Development

Quality Assurance

UX/UI Design

Project Management


Python, Vue.js, Hetzer Cloud, Kibana (ELK), Jenkins.

Team Composition

2 Python Developers, Manual QA Engineer, UX/UI Designer, Project Manager.

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About the Client.


FiL is a fintech company headquartered in Estonia. Their primary mission is to provide users with effective guidance on stock investments, making the process of tracking a portfolio's stocks easier and more insightful.


We needed to create a web-based educational platform on stock investments that supports two languages (Turkish and English) and covers two distinct stock markets (Turkish and American).

Building an educational platform that simulates real-world stock trading without allowing actual trades required creating realistic but controlled scenarios.

The platform had to parse historical data on stocks for the last 5 years, not only from common JSON format but also from PDF. This required specialized techniques to handle different data formats seamlessly.

A unique feature of the platform is the FiL’s score. The system needed to regularly analyze stock financials and market data, assigning scores to stocks. These rankings, accessible on the Scores page, assist users in making more informed investment choices.


FiL Platform

The FiL platform is an educational fintech tool designed to guide and empower those looking to understand stock investments. Through features like real-time stock scoring, target price analysis, insider watch insights, and portfolio tracking, users can practice and learn about the investment process.

The platform analyzes stock financials and market data to present a realistic investment scenario. FiL makes the complex world of stock trading accessible and educational for a wide audience.

FiL’s key features

Stock ranking: Analyzing each stock using financial and market data to assign regular scores, guiding investment choices.
Target price analysis: Suggesting target prices for stocks to help identify the best times to buy or sell.
Insider watch: Algorithm-driven analysis of insiders’ previous returns, summarizing average returns on the Insiders’ page.
Cross-platform portfolio tracking: Capability to add and track stocks on multiple platforms, including Web, iOS, and Android.
Trustworthy stock scoring: Real-time ranking of stocks and in-depth historical insights.
Adjustable notifications: Receive real-time updates on your portfolio’s live changes.


Enhanced User Engagement

By offering a multi-language, cross-platform application with real-time insights and customizable notifications, the FiL platform can attract and retain a diverse and engaged user base. The integration of unique features like FiL’s scoring, target price analysis, and insider watch further enhances user engagement, leading to increased user satisfaction and loyalty.

Streamlined Educational Experience

The FiL platform’s focus on education without real trading sets it apart as a valuable learning tool. Users can practice and learn about stock trading in a risk-free environment, making it an appealing option for educational institutions, novice investors, and financial enthusiasts.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The platform’s robust data parsing capabilities and advanced algorithms enable users to make informed investment decisions based on real historical data. By providing insights into two major stock markets (Turkish and American), along with multi-format data parsing, the platform empowers users with actionable insights.

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