IM Academy

Providing a dedicated team to breathe fresh life into an out-of-date online platform.

Industry: EdTech
Duration: Ongoing
Team: 10 members

Front-End Development

Back-End Development 

Quality Assurance

Product Management

UX/UI Design


CSS, HTML, С#, Microsoft Blazer/MAUI, .Net(Razor), Strapi, MySQL, MongoDB, RESTful API, Dapper, Testlum.

Team Composition

Scrum Master,

Product Owner,

Markup Developer,
3 C#/.NET Developers,

3 QA Specialists,
UI/UX Designer.



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About the Client.

Damian Mobley CTO of IM Academy

IM Academy is an educational platform with multiple online academies, such as FRX, DCX, TBX, ECX, SFX, and TLX. Its main aim is to educate people around the world on confident trading. The main offers of this platform include live mentorship and guidance from educators around the world, educational live streams, various trading strategies, and many more.


IM Academy needed an IT team consisting of 10 experts that could start working immediately on migrating their platform from Pearl to C#. Being an up-to-date technology, C# will allow us to build better functionality and features for this platform in the future.

They had their own development team, but still, there was no documentation or established working processes, so our team needed to create all workflows and do platform migration from scratch.

We had limited deadlines because the platform was crucial for business but performed not as expected.


Thanks to our extensive pool of available specialists, we promptly assembled an IT team to meet the company’s needs.

They seamlessly merged with the existing team, adding their expertise in design, front-end, and back-end development, as well as quality assurance.

Our team contributed their expertise to various activities, including documentation and working processes, full platform migration, creation of new features, and QA testing conducted using Testlum, a no-code testing solution by KnubiSoft.


Full Platform Transformation

By employing modern programming language, we gave more room for the future improvement of the platform’s functionality.

Transparent Tech Working Processes

We created technical documentation from scratch and all the working processes in a tech team to get a clear picture of the whole project.

Better Platform Performance

Our QA services allow users to enjoy bug-free and improved performance of the platform, receiving an outstanding user experience every time they visit the website.

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