LMS for IM Academy

Developing an online learning management system (LMS) that specifically caters to trading education and digital calendar for scheduling related events.

Industry: EdTech
Duration: 4 months
Team: 6 members

Project Management

Back-End Development

Front-End Development

UX/UI Design

Quality Assurance


.NET, C#, CSS/HTML, Blazor, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Figma.

Team Composition

Project Manager, 2 Back-end Developers, Front-end Developer, Manual QA Engineer, UX/UI Designer.

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About the Client.

Damian Mobley CTO of IM Academy

IM Academy is an educational platform with multiple online academies, such as FRX, DCX, TBX, ECX, SFX, and TLX. Its main aim is to educate people around the world on confident trading. The main offers of this platform include live mentorship and guidance from educators around the world, educational live streams, various trading strategies, and many more.


Our primary goal was to foster seamless synchronization between our and client teams to successfully deliver a project. Plus, maintain a client-oriented approach while efficiently managing project deadlines and incorporating client requests on the go.

For easy maintenance and support, the client opted for the same tech stack used in their other products, so we needed to adapt to it.

We started with the requirement to develop an LMS module and event calendar for IM Academy using cutting-edge Blazor technology by Microsoft, all within a tight deadline.

Considering the limited functionality of the Blazor framework in terms of integrations, incorporating JavaScript for the front-end and visual aspects took more time for our expert team.

We also needed to create a design for the entire system from scratch, as the client’s style guide and brand book were in development by the client’s marketing team, and we didn’t have clear requirements from the start.

Moreover, our whole team had to adapt to the changing client requirements, including occasional alterations of various elements, colors, and more.


Creating a Visual Blueprint

We started the design stage by utilizing the existing KnubiSoft design system, which provided us with a foundation of diverse visual assets, as our client did not provide specific requirements. As we progressed, our focus shifted towards tailoring the design according to the newly created client’s stylebook and branding, allowing us to deliver a customized and visually appealing solution.

Crafting User-Friendly Interfaces

In the front-end stage, we translated the design into CSS and HTML, breathing life into the visuals. To enhance the user experience, we skillfully incorporated JavaScript for visual aspects and animations. We also leveraged the Bootstrap framework for creating a responsive design, coupled with jQuery for seamless animations. Additionally, we developed a mobile adaptation for the desktop version, ensuring compatibility across devices.

Empowering Learning with Technology

In the back-end stage, our focus was on building a dedicated LMS module for video learning lessons, complete with user progress tracking and activity monitoring. Leveraging the Blazor web framework, which utilizes C# and HTML, we harnessed the power of this modern technology to develop the required functionalities. Upon completing the LMS module, we seamlessly integrated it with the online lesson data using Strapi, providing a comprehensive and cohesive learning experience for users. Furthermore, we proposed the creation of an online calendar powered with Blazor as well, which would showcase various online events based on the user’s subscription plan.

Ensuring Seamless Functionality

With the module and calendar development completed, we entered the testing stage to ensure optimal performance. Employing manual testing techniques, including test cases and checklists, we meticulously evaluated each element: module, calendar, and mobile version. Following an iterative testing approach, we delivered individual components to the client for evaluation, allowing for continuous improvement and fine-tuning. By adhering to this rigorous testing process, we ensured a seamless and reliable user experience.


Streamlined Learning Management and Event Organization

The development of the LMS module and online calendar empowered IM Academy to streamline their learning management and event organization processes. The LMS module facilitated video learning lessons, progress tracking, and activity monitoring, providing a comprehensive learning experience for users. The online calendar, driven by Blazor technology, efficiently showcased various online events based on subscription plans.

Scalable and Agile Learning Environment

By developing the LMS system, IM Academy gained a scalable and agile learning environment. The modular architecture of the system allowed for easy integration of new features and functionalities in the future. This scalability enabled IM Academy to adapt and grow their learning offerings as their needs evolved, ensuring a dynamic and up-to-date platform for their users.

Exceptional User Experience

Through the crafting of user-friendly interfaces, we prioritized the user experience. By incorporating JavaScript for visual aspects and animations as well as Blazor as a core technology, our team created an engaging and interactive learning environment. The responsive design and mobile adaptation further ensured that users could access the system seamlessly across different devices.

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