Developing a tool for keeping data in sync between its systems and multiple environments.

Industry: FinTech
Duration: 2560 hours
Team: 5 members

Mobile Development

Back End Development


Python, Pipenv, MySQL, Jenkins

Team Composition

Java Tech/Team Lead;
2 Java Developers;
NodeJS Developer;

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About the Client.

Octopus Ventures is one of Europe’s largest Venture Capital teams. Headquartered in London and New York, with venture partners in San Francisco, Singapore and China, they help entrepreneurs scale globally. Their investments range from £1m for seed to around £4m for series A. In recent years, it has fluctuated from £350k to £25m.


Due to the rapid products growth, it had become important to sync data across different systems and actualize information as much as possible. The client asked us to help with a solution that could make this happen.



Our team created a unique Middleware engine that allowed customizable integrations with databases, files, services, and other APIs and synced the data across each of the integrations.

Test Environment

We created a separate test environment similar to production to ensure that all the components from multiple systems were included in the synchronization process.


Data needed to be processed across multiple organizations and multiple solutions and there were a lot of data inconsistencies that needed to be considered and managed.



The API we created for the client allowed them to synchronize their internal product. As the result, they were able to optimize their business processes, delete old/incorrect information, and  update user profiles with actual information as well as update information in ActiveDirectory, Slack, Confluence, and several other systems.


It was a unique product within the client’s infrastructure as it provided the ability to include an algorithm on their customized systems.

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