Supplying a skilled team to develop a global cloud enterprise platform, delivering comprehensive solutions for grant management, accounting, finance, taxes, HR, expense tracking, and payroll.

Industry: FinTech
Duration: 6 months
Team: 4 members

Back-End Development,

UX/UI Design


Node Js, Angular, Figma.

Team Composition

UX/UI Designers,

Node JS Developers.

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About the Client.


Rationarium is a leading name in the Web3 and blockchain world. They wanted to change the way digital assets accounting is done by combining data from both on-chain and off-chain sources. This would give businesses an easier way to manage their finances.


Rationarium’s platform, which aimed to consolidate a vast array of financial data, required niche expertise in UX/UI design and Node JS development, which their current team lacked.

With the fast-paced evolution of the Web3 domain, the company needed to scale their team quickly without compromising on the quality of talent.

It was imperative to find experts who could integrate seamlessly, ensuring that the augmented team worked in harmony.


KnubiSoft recognized that Rationarium needed a more user-friendly design. To address this, we provided a team of experienced UX/UI designers who improved the platform’s overall look and feel by crafting a strong branding strategy, landing page, as well as various marketing materials for investors.

On the technical side, given Rationarium’s complex grant system requirements, we introduced Node JS developers to the team. The team of developers collaborated closely with Rationarium to establish the core components of the grant system.

Throughout the collaboration, KnubiSoft ensured that their professionals were a good fit with Rationarium’s team and values. They maintained open communication through regular meetings and feedback sessions, using various tools to ensure a smooth and effective partnership.


Web3 and Blockchain Integration

We assisted Rationarium in revolutionizing digital asset accounting by seamlessly merging data from both on-chain and off-chain sources. This innovative approach simplifies financial management for businesses, enhancing their operational efficiency.

Comprehensive SaaS Solution

Together with Rationarium, KnubiSoft developed a cutting-edge SaaS platform tailored for enterprises. This platform addresses various business aspects, including HR, accounting, taxes, invoicing, and Web3 financial tools. It also offers access to a versatile marketplace for fiat, crypto, and DeFi products.

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