Enhancing Rygen's technical team to develop an AI-driven web integration platform tailored for the supply chain sector.

Industry: Logistics & Supply Chain
Duration: Ongoing
Team: 5 members

Back-End Development

Front-End Development


 Java 17, Spring, MongoDB, Apache Camel, Google Cloud.

Team Composition

Front-End Developers, Back-End Developers.

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About the Client.


Rygen specializes in supply chain logistics, providing user-friendly solutions. They help businesses manage freight, connect with partners, and access important data insights.


Our main aim was to form a team of professionals who possessed the right expertise to assist and reduce the load on Principal Engineer.

We needed to speed up the X1 project and provide a team to release features quickly, without compromising on quality of the product.

It was vital for the new team to blend seamlessly, engaging in stand-ups, meetings, design sessions, and collaborating well with existing US engineers who worked in another timezone.


KnubiSoft stepped in to support Rygen Technologies’ tech team through team augmentation. Our main objectives were to add skilled developers to work on X1, an AI-powered integration platform. X1 employs a user-centric, document-focused approach, enabling businesses to craft and oversee integrations seamlessly, thus enhancing system communication and easing operational demands.

Our developers’ responsibilities spanned both the front and back end of the platform. For the backend, they utilized Java and Camel, while TypeScript, Vue.js, and PrimeVUE formed the backbone of the frontend. The development of the X1 project was methodically divided into three main stages:

– Design development

– AI integration for suggestion mechanisms

– Features development, code analysis, refactoring, and vulnerability checks



Improved Operations

With the introduction of the X1 AI-powered integration platform, Rygen was able to offer a user-centric, document-focused approach to their clients. This platform, focused on users and documents, improved system communication and made operations easier. This leads to faster, more efficient supply chain logistics operations, which can lead to cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.

Quick & Quality Development

With KnubiSoft’s help, Rygen sped up the X1 project. KnubiSoft’s team augmentation provided the necessary expertise to release features quickly without compromising on the quality of the product. This means that Rygen could bring their innovative solution to the market faster, gaining a competitive edge and potentially increasing their market share.

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