Sapient Industries

Forming a team of UX/UI Designers and Front-end Developers to enhance the company’s capabilities.

Industry: Energy
Duration: Ongoing
Team: 5 members

UX/UI Design

Front-End Development


Figma, React, Bootstrap, HighCharts, ApexCharts, Google Maps, Redux, Redux Saga.

Team Composition

3 UX/UI Designers,

2 Front-End Developers.

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About the Client.

Marina Rambo Head of UX/UI at Sapient Industries

Sapient Industries empowers leading global companies to unlock and leverage real-time electrical data to solve the increasing challenge of efficient facility operations.


The client required adept designers to create a user-friendly design that caters to the target audience’s needs and enhances the overall user experience.

Sapient requested flexible specialists capable of working with their existing team members in India and the USA, despite different time zones.

The company also were in need of a proficient team to perform a development audit to identify areas for improvement and standardize their development processes.


Component System Development

We started with developing a comprehensive component system in Figma for UX/UI, incorporating complex data visualizations. This helped elevate design consistency and accelerate the whole design process.

Front-End Sync

Then our team focused on building the front-end component system. They ensured continuous synchronization between the front-end component system and Figma component system for a seamless delivery of front-end stories. This integration minimized inconsistencies and saved valuable development time.

Work Processes Unification

Recognizing the importance of efficiency and collaboration, the team unified all their working processes. They implemented standardized workflows, communication channels, and documentation practices. This unification fostered better coordination among team members and optimized overall productivity.

Code Review & Refactoring

To ensure high-quality code and long-term maintainability, the team diligently conducted code reviews. They analyzed the codebase, identified areas for improvement, and performed necessary refactoring. This guaranteed that the code adhered to best practices and set a strong foundation for future enhancements.

Visual Enhancement

Next our team started enhancing the visual aspects of the app to elevate the appearance and user experience. By refining some of the visual elements, they aimed to create a more engaging and delightful UX.




Established Working Processes

The KnubiSoft team has improved the working processes by conducting the development audit and standardizing all the development practices.

Increased App Performance

By refactoring the existing code, we could find all the malfunctions and significantly improve the app’s performance.

Better User Experience

Our designers created an intuitive, user-friendly design that meets the target audience’s needs and improves user experience.

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