Developing a unique ecosystem that combines a WearToEarn model with targeted biometric advertising and growth-driven tokenomics for the Fashion Mannequin Token (FMT).

Industry: Fashion
Duration: 5 months
Team: 5 members

Back End Development,

Quality Assurance,

UX/UI Design,

Project Management.


Python, Vue.js, Hetzer Cloud, Kibana (ELK), Jenkins.

Team Composition

2 Python Developers,

Manual QA Engineer,

UX/UI Designer,

Project Manager.

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About the Client.


TRYON is a web3 social platform that aims to bridge the gap between brands, creators, and shoppers by leveraging the prowess of distributed original content. It aspires to re-define online shopping by solving complex challenges related to sizing, style, quality, returns, and environmental impacts. The underlying philosophy of TRYON is to empower every user to become an influencer, turning their passion for fashion into a sustainable business.


From nano-influencers to businesses, the platform had to be versatile enough to cater to a wide spectrum of users with varying needs.

Creating a system that consists of social media, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts, all while ensuring user-friendly interfaces required comprehensive planning and execution.

With biometric data being a cornerstone of the platform, ensuring the utmost security and privacy of users’ information was paramount.

The ability to synchronize with other social networks and pull real-time data presented both technical and data privacy challenges.


Design Creation

Our UX/UI designer employed a combination of tools, namely Figma, FigJam, Photoshop, and GitBook to create an interactive prototype, landing page, and comprehensive white paper. All these had to provide a clear vision to stakeholders and investors.

Custom Animation

To enhance user experience and platform attractiveness, custom animations were designed using After Effects, ensuring a rich and engaging interface.

Web3 Platform Creation

We’ve crafted a clickable prototype of a web3 platform that’s built on the foundation of blockchain technology. It is aimed to provide secure transactions, reviews anchored in smart contracts, and instantaneous crypto rewards.

Karma Mechanism Development

The launch of TRYON Karma has added a gaming twist to the platform while upholding content quality and compliance with platform guidelines. In essence, it’s a reward mechanism where users earn perks for following the platform’s rules and face consequences if they don’t, guaranteeing both quality and trustworthiness.


Empowerment of Content Creators

TRYON democratizes the fashion industry. From nano to mega influencers, everyone has a fair chance to monetize their content. This brings a paradigm shift in how fashion content is consumed and rewarded.

Sustainable Fashion

By addressing the return issues, TRYON indirectly aids in reducing the environmental hazards caused by fashion waste. This not only enhances the brand’s reputation but also appeals to the growing segment of environmentally-conscious consumers.

Revolutionizing E-commerce

The platform tackles the billion-dollar problem of returns head-on. By matching users with creators having similar biometrics, it drastically reduces size and style mismatches, thereby optimizing reverse logistics.

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