Working Eye

Developing MVP for a web-based platform that addresses a crucial gap in career guidance for teenagers.

Industry: EdTech
Duration: 4 months
Team: 5 members

Project Management

Front-End Development

Quality Assurance


IBM Watson, IBM Watson Discovery, React, TypeScript, Figma, WhatFont, Perfect Pixel, ColorZilla.

Team Composition

Project Manager, Front-End Developer, Java Developer, QA Engineer, Business Development Manager

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About the Client.

Med Bukey Head of Engineering at Working Eye

Working Eye is a UK-based company supported by IBM as a vital component of the UK Client Engineering initiative. It combines the arts of advertising, cost-efficient broadcast media, and cutting-edge AI to transform career discovery for students and working adults, with full educationalist support, in the dynamic global job market.


In need of custom software development assistance while raising capital, Working Eye was searching for a company that would be able to craft the optimal solution for their budget. It had to be the Netflix of career discovery with full interactivity.

They had a limited budget and deadline and needed a team to start working on MVP right away.

In the MVP, we needed to develop two user flows: one involving profile creation and user information input, and another focusing on video viewing, covering two professions. Yet, we had to design it with scalability in mind, anticipating future expansion to include all occupations listed in the UK government’s national careers database.

One of the significant challenges we encountered during the development of the MVP was the absence of a ready-made back-end. So, we needed to build all the basic back-end logic ourselves from scratch.

The design of the platform was made by IBM. But during the development phase, significant design changes occurred, impacting the entire project’s logic, so we had to quickly adapt to ensure timely delivery. As a bonus, we provided the client with our UX/UI designer to improve the platform’s appearance.


Choosing the Right Technologies

Initially, the client intended to build the platform using HTML/CSS. However, after assessing the project’s requirements, our Solution Architect proposed using React and TypeScript instead. These technologies not only enhance scalability, and promote cost-effectiveness, but also streamline the development process. With React and TypeScript, data creation and dynamic uploading became much more manageable, aligning perfectly with the client’s aim to create a platform for iOS, Android, and Smart TV in the future.

Development of the Web-based Platform & Chatbot

During the MVP development, our front-end developer utilized React and the React Router Dom framework to craft and connect pages to databases. Adopting an iterative development approach, we divided the creation of this extensive application into smaller, manageable parts. The platform boasts a wide array of engaging visual elements, such as videos and photos, designed to captivate users.
For the chatbot, we integrated IBM Watson into the front-end and extensively customized its capabilities. Additionally, we employed Discovery Watson for the database, enabling us to upload custom files or perform web searches using keywords whenever the chatbot receives user requests. The initial focus was on Engineering and Art Designer professions, but the future plan is to expand and encompass all professions listed in the UK government’s national careers database.

Testing for Optimal Performance

Throughout the development process, thorough testing played a pivotal role in ensuring the platform’s optimal performance. Our QA Engineer conducted manual testing, examining the workflows and chatbot extensively. Moreover, we employed specialized tools such as WhatFont, Perfect Pixel, and ColorZilla to meticulously match the MVP with the actual mockup. Our rigorous testing approach aimed to deliver a seamless and polished user experience.


Personalized Career Guidance for Teens

Working Eye’s web-based platform, powered by IBM Watson, offers personalized career guidance for teenagers aged 13 to 14. By taking into account their profile, interests, work environment preferences, motivations, and personality type, the platform equips young minds with informed decision-making capabilities. This addresses a crucial gap in career guidance, helping teenagers embark on the right educational path early on, thus reducing the risk of future career dissatisfaction and uncertainty.

Successful Presentation to Investors

The MVP serves as a tangible presentation of the working idea to investors. It includes a seamless web-based platform, chatbot, and personalized career guidance for teenagers, highlighting the platform’s potential for success. The integration of advanced technology like IBM Watson demonstrates the commitment to innovation and adaptability. Investors can witness the platform’s scalability, which lays the foundation for future development and growth. This successful presentation is crucial for securing vital funding and propelling Working Eye toward a promising future.

Scalable Technology for Future Expansion

By utilizing cutting-edge tools such as React and TypeScript instead of HTML/CSS, the platform gains the ability to manage increasing demand and data processing. This ensures its scalability for future growth.
As the platform expands to encompass additional professions beyond its initial focus, the scalable technology facilitates the seamless integration of new data, career options, and user profiles. This adaptability minimizes downtime and enhances the user experience.

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