Yellow Van Productions

Developing a tailored online asset management system for game development scripts.

Industry: Audio Production
Duration: 4 months
Team: 3 members

Front-End Development

UX/UI Design


Material UI, GraphQL, React, Apollo, Figma.

Team Composition

2 React Front-End Developers,

UX/UI Designer

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About the Client.

Jelle van Mourik CEO of Yellow Van Productions

Yellow Van Productions, a newly established startup based in Spain, specializes in audio technology. They sought our expertise to develop a cutting-edge online asset management system tailored specifically for game development scripts.


Our primary goal was to build the front-end of the online asset management system from the ground up. This system should empower users to effortlessly handle a multitude of script lines and voice-over recordings, all within a user-friendly interface available in multiple languages. It also should include valuable data summaries to streamline project management for large-scale game development projects.

As we began working with Yellow Van Productions, we found out that back-end system had some issues, so we needed to fix it first and optimize its functionality.

We also needed to enhance visual design of the system by implementing wireframes.

Plus, the authentication process wasn’t smooth, so we needed to take care of it, too.

During the development stage, we faced an extra challenge related to queries that didn’t perform as expected. So, our team needed to figure out what was causing it, determine if it originated from the frontend or backend, and then resolve this issue.


Revamping Visual Design

To enhance the overall visual appeal of the platform, we gave the product’s design a remarkable facelift. We utilized Balsamiq to prepare wireframes, ensuring a well-planned and intuitive user interface.

Developing a Robust Frontend

Simultaneously, we embarked on developing the front-end from scratch, leveraging React and Material UI to create an exceptional UI system. This resulted in an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplified the management of scripts and voice-over recordings.

Resolving Back-end Authentication Challenges

By rewriting the authentication process using GraphQL and Apollo, we addressed the back-end authentication issues and established a seamless connection between the front-end and back-end components.

Implementing Localization for Multiple Languages

In order to cater to a diverse user base, we implemented a localization feature using JSON. This enabled users to effortlessly manage scripts and voice-over recordings in multiple languages, enhancing the accessibility and usability of the system.

Testing, Troubleshooting, and Optimizing

Through meticulous testing and troubleshooting, we ensured the accurate retrieval of data and addressed all query issues. We also checked all the UI elements to to guarantee the smooth functionality of the system.


Boosted Efficiency & Streamlined Project Management

By developing an online asset management system tailored specifically for game development scripts, Yellow Van Productions experienced enhanced efficiency and project management capabilities. The user-friendly interface and streamlined functionalities allowed teams to manage thousands of script lines and voice-over recordings effortlessly.

Increased Productivity through System Enhancements

The enhanced system ensured smooth and uninterrupted operations. With a user-friendly interface and optimized functionalities, users were able to navigate through script lines, voice-over recordings, and project management tasks seamlessly.

Scalability and Future-Proofing

The successful implementation of the React and GraphQL-based online asset management system positioned Yellow Van Productions for scalability and future growth. This scalability ensured that the system could accommodate evolving needs and requirements, providing a foundation for future enhancements and feature additions.

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