CDM Platform

Building centralised, secure, and easily manageable customer-data management system that supports the operations of a multi-service investment management platform.

Industry: FinTech
Duration: 3840 hours
Team: 8 members

Back End Development

Quality Assurance


.NET, ASP, UNIT.NET, AZURE Function, SQL Azure

Team Composition

Team Lead;

Tech Lead;

Solution Architect;

Project Manager;

2 Back-end Developers;

Manual QA Specialist;

Automation QA Specialist

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About the Client.

Octopus Investments is a London-based investment company formed in 2000 that manages over £8.9 billion on behalf of 55,000+ investors. It is focused on renewable energy, healthcare, property, and SMEs.


Octopus’s digital ecosystem consisted of a number of independent services or applications used by clients (including investors and advisors) and employees. Each of the services had its own customer database with its own scope of information about the customer, including personal data, and they were not synchronized. This substantially affected operations.

The client needed a centralized, easily manageable and secure customer database that would serve users of various services within the client’s digital ecosystem.


Architecture modules

We created a separate CDM service, which consisted of 3 standalone modules:

  • API allowing to retrieve and manage the customers data
  • Queue to synchronize data among respective services
  • UI to manage the queue, handle errors and data conflicts


Authentication service

For the client’s investment management platform, a separate authentication service was developed. Also, we created an open ID provider that enabled an end user to communicate with a relying party.


User Experience

A clean and user-friendly UX was created. We integrated the service into the existing platform ecosystem and continued to provide regular support, fixing any issue that was identified in the course of use.


Tool Development

This solution helped the client to accumulate information about prices across over 2000 products and 20+ websites on an ongoing basis. In the longer term, it would help them to visualize trends of how costs are changing within the market.


We were able to create a generic product that was able to scale to include additional algorithms for a custom set of sites, or data sources.

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